Records management

Achieve compliance with a tailor-made document management solution

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Experienced archivists assess your business needs to deliver a secure, affordable records management solution that meets your unique requirements.

Auditing & training

A detailed analysis of your needs, constraints and legal obligations allows us to develop a customised records-management solution for your business. We then train your staff on all related records-management software and procedures so that they are confident in their roles.

Digital imaging

We scan your physical documents on site with OCR-enabled software and transfer the digital copies to your preferred medium (CD, DVD, DMS, digital safe, etc.)

Physical archiving

When your documents are ready for archiving, we collect, sort, inventorise and store them in our secure, fully ventilated warehouse. Each record is randomly stored and identifiable only by a unique barcode to guarantee security and anonymity. If you need your records, we retrieve and deliver them to you within a predefined timeframe.

Secure destruction

At the end of their lifespan, we securely shred your documents and supply you with a certificate of destruction. Destroying data reduces your security risks and improves compliance.

Our archiving facilities

15 000m2 Available

for records management

Intruder and fire

detection and prevention

Controlled Access

24-hour CCTV security

Fully Ventilated

for temperature and humidity control

Protection Against

vermin and pests

Our archiving abilities

30 Years


4 Continents

4 230km

Phyiscal Archives

3.5 Million Digital

documents hosted

40 Million Pages

scanned annually